As part of our in-house software, Adept Internet has used and continues to rely upon a fair amount of open source software.

We’re very grateful to all the OSS developers for their contributions, and as such we want to give something back to the OSS community

We are therefore launching an initiative and open sourcing some of the libraries we have developed, as our small way of saying thank you.

We hope that others will find these libraries useful, and continue to build on and contribute to them.

Latest Projects

JMX Addons

JMX Addon Components jmx-addons-kannel Fetch Kannel (http://www.kannel.org) status.xml file and expose via JMX jmx-addons-snmp Fetch SNMP OID’s and expose via JMX Depends on camel-snmp (http://camel.apache.org/snmp.html) JMX Addon Componentshttps://github.com/AdeptInternet/jmx-addons0 forks.0 open issues.Recent commits: Version 1.2.1, Francois Steyn Added Caching for PDU's to create differential sensors, Francois Steyn Updated code for upstream compatibility (mikrotik), Francois Steyn Disable […]


PRTG JAVA Instrumentation Library via Managed Beans (MBeans)

Allows the monitoring of any attributes/operations via Managed Beans (jmx url). Configured via an XML file for multiple sensors. Supports multiple channels per sensor. Supports java scripted channels. Can be executed from PRTG via SSH Script Advanced sensor Very limited SSHD running which only supports shell commands as required by PRTG OSGI Servlet using EXE/Script […]